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VIDEO: The football league for overweight men

On May 24, 2016  - Source: BBC News - Health

A football league exclusively for men whRead more

Bursary cut 'may worsen NHS staff gaps'

On May 25, 2016  - Source: BBC News - Health

Plans to scrap student bursaries and chaRead more

Woman fights deceased daughter egg case

On May 25, 2016  - Source: BBC News - Health

A 60-year-old woman who wants to use herRead more

Diabetes surgery 'missed by thousands'

On May 24, 2016  - Source: BBC News - Health

Thousands of people with type-2 diabetesRead more

NHS doctor joined Islamic State group

On May 24, 2016  - Source: BBC News - Health

An NHS doctor left his family in the UKRead more

'Big cut' in antibiotic prescriptions

On May 25, 2016  - Source: BBC News - Health

GPs in England have "dramatically" reducRead more

VIDEO: How this pig helped a man to see again

On May 24, 2016  - Source: BBC News - Health

Wu Pinggui talks to the BBC after havingRead more

Zika: Africa 'reasonably well prepared'

On May 25, 2016  - Source: BBC News - Health

Africa braces for Zika virusRead more

Zika may cause baby eye problems

On May 25, 2016  - Source: BBC News - Health

Scientists studying the Zika outbreak inRead more

Care 'has improved for 12,000 in homes'

On May 25, 2016  - Source: BBC News - Health

More than 12,000 people in England are nRead more

NY Times

Open Season on Lionfish

On May 25, 2016  - Source: NYT > Health  -

Florida has started its annual competitiRead more

Could Alzheimer’s Stem From Infections? It Makes Sense, Experts Say

On May 25, 2016  - Source: NYT > Health  - GINA KOLATA

Provocative new research leads to the hyRead more

Well: The Other Bathroom Wars

On May 25, 2016  - Source: NYT > Health  - KJ DELL’ANTONIA

For people with disabilities and their fRead more

Well: A Low-Salt Diet May Be Bad for the Heart

On May 25, 2016  - Source: NYT > Health  - NICHOLAS BAKALAR

A diet that’s too low in sodium may actuRead more

Cigarette Smoking by Adults Dropped in 2015, C.D.C. Survey Says

On May 25, 2016  - Source: NYT > Health  - CHRISTINE HAUSER

The percentage of adults age 18 and overRead more

Well: Opioids Often Ineffective for Low Back Pain

On May 25, 2016  - Source: NYT > Health  - NICHOLAS BAKALAR

The magnitude of relief did not reach thRead more

Well: Parents of Deaf Children, Stuck in the Middle of an Argument

On May 25, 2016  - Source: NYT > Health  - TINA DONVITO

Should children be fitted for hearing aiRead more

Well: Ask Well: Should You Fast Before a Cholesterol Test?

On May 25, 2016  - Source: NYT > Health  - RONI CARYN RABIN

Repeated studies have found no clinicallRead more

Just How Accurate Are Fitbits? The Jury Is Out

On May 25, 2016  - Source: NYT > Health  - MIKE McPHATE

Activity trackers that measure things liRead more

F.D.A. Is Said to Delay Decision on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Drug

On May 25, 2016  - Source: NYT > Health  - ANDREW POLLACK

The news caused a sharp rise in the stocRead more

The Guardian

Investing in ​​health is not​ cheap, but it is not a luxury either | Sara Bennett and Edward Kelley

On May 25, 2016 - Source: Ebola | The Guardian - By Sara Bennett and Edward Kelley

From Ebola to obesity, all countries need a healthcare system that is resilient to crises and responRead more

World Bank launches $500m insurance fund to fight pandemics

On May 21, 2016 - Source: Ebola | The Guardian - By Reuters

Japan commits first $50 million towards facility, which will combine funding from reinsurance marketRead more

Can a new 'global alliance' rethink disaster response in cities?

On May 20, 2016 - Source: Ebola | The Guardian - By Amy Lieberman

The deadly spread of ebola in west Africa and the prolonged earthquake recovery efforts in Haiti werRead more

Ebola survivor Pauline Cafferkey: I feared I'd die a horrible death – video

On May 19, 2016 - Source: Ebola | The Guardian - By Guardian Staff

Scottish nurse Pauline Cafferkey discusses the horror of being diagnosed with Ebola not once, but twRead more

Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey says she feared a 'horrible death'

On May 19, 2016 - Source: Ebola | The Guardian - By Nadia Khomami

Scottish nurse who was admitted to the hospital three times after contracting the virus talks of herRead more

The planet's health is essential to prevent infectious disease

On May 15, 2016 - Source: Ebola | The Guardian - By Sonila Cook and Oren Ahoobim

The new field of planetary health examines the link between human health and the environment to prevRead more

It’s not just Bono and Bill Gates who are #ProudOfAid

On May 14, 2016 - Source: Ebola | The Guardian - By Ben Jackson

In spite of the views of certain tabloid newspapers, here are 11 supporters of the UK’s commitment tRead more

Immune 'signature' unique to Ebola fatalities identified by scientists

On May 5, 2016 - Source: Ebola | The Guardian - By Lisa O'Carroll

Recognising difference in immune response between survivors and fatalities raises hope that currentRead more

Ebola leaves a painful legacy for survivors in Sierra Leone | Olivia Acland

On April 28, 2016 - Source: Ebola | The Guardian - By Olivia Acland

Ebola survivors enduring social stigma and painful side-effects say Sierra Leone’s government has faRead more

Last hope for great apes is vaccination against the rapid onslaught of disease

On April 9, 2016 - Source: Ebola | The Guardian - By Robin McKie

Scientists warn that wild ape populations, already devastated by poachers and habitat loss, now faceRead more


Mosquitoes won't wait for DC to act on Zika virus: Fmr US Ebola czar

On May 25, 2016  - By

Congress needs to quit wrangling over funding to fight the Zika virus so the United States can start doing proper mosquito control and accelerate ...Read more

Sierra Leone News : Government Provides 2 Acres of Land for Ebola Orphans

On May 25, 2016  - By

Monday 23th May, 2016: The Government of Sierra Leone has provided two acres of land at John Obey community to 'Hope 4 Ebola Orphans Charity ...Read more

Scotch Tape and Paper: Canada's Encryption Export

On May 25, 2016  - By

Upon receiving the documents, the correspondent simply pealed backed the taped paper to reveal personal information of patients treated for Ebola.Read more

Tomato Ebola: Private university says it will produce 800000 tonnes

On May 25, 2016  - By

The authorities at the Benson Idahosa University, Edo State, today said they will produce 800,000 tonnes of tomatoes in reaction to its shortage ...Read more

How Mobile Payments Saved Lives, Cash in Sierra Leone's Ebola Outbreak

On May 25, 2016  - By

Not so long ago, the world faced a very real threat from a very nasty disease known as Ebola. While it didn't expand at the pace some feared, and was ...Read more

NIH Doctor: Zika Funding Battle Is Delaying Vital Preparations

On May 25, 2016  - By

“I think there's a misperception that we are finished with Ebola,” he said. “It's important we don't take our eye off the ball with Ebola, because Ebola is ...Read more

Nigeria fights 'tomato Ebola'

On May 25, 2016  - By

At fault for the blight that has been nicknamed “the tomato Ebola” is a moth called the tuta absoluta. Kaduna state agriculture minister Mando Daniel ...Read more

Nigeria confirms six states hit by 'Tomato Ebola'

On May 25, 2016  - By

Tomato Ebola, a pest which affects the cultivation of tomatoes, has spread to at least six states in Nigeria and now poses a threat to national food ...Read more

'Tomato Ebola' Invades 6 States As Varsity Vows To Produce 800000 Tonnes Of The Fruit

On May 25, 2016  - By

Recently, a pest identified as Tuta Absoluta, locally called 'tomato ebola', a leaf miner/moth that bores hole into the fruits and stem causing enormous ...Read more

Benson Idahosa University To Produce 800000 Tons Of Tomatoes, Fight 'Tomato Ebola'

On May 25, 2016  - By

Tomatoes in six States in Nigeria – Jigawa, Kano, Katsina, Kadua, Plateau, and Lagos – have been infected with a pest that kills the fruit.Read more

Ebola Virus Advances In Wildfire-Like Pattern, Researchers Say

Ebola outbreaks in western Africa spread similarly to how wildfire advances, Colorado experts have discovered.

“When a fire is burning here, it ignites its neighbors. So all around a little zone we have new ignition,” Dr. Loren Cobb of the University of Colorado Denver said.

That’s similar to how the Ebola virus has moved through cities and villages in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and other countries. As the population in those nations increases, residents dig further into undeveloped forests and come into contact with animals carrying the disease. They contract the virus and then spread it, like a brush fire, to neighbors.

Read more…

Ebola patients in west Africa to be denied experimental drugs used in US

US tells Nigeria region would have to wait months for supplies because such small quantities exist, says health minister.

West African patients infected with the Ebola virus will not have access to experimental drugs being used to treat American cases of the disease for several months, if at all, Nigerian health authorities said on Thursday.

Health minister Onyebuchi Chukwu told a press conference he had asked the US health authorities about the unproven medicines used on two American doctors, but was told such small quantities existed that west Africa would have to wait for months for supplies, even if they were proved safe and effective.

Read more…

Nigeria Braces for More Ebola Cases Amid Outbreak

A bustling city tries to avoid becoming the next Ebola hotspot.

Until last week, many Nigerians largely ignored West Africa’s Ebola outbreak: It was several countries away and didn’t seem like an immediate threat. That changed after a Liberian-American named Patrick Sawyer boarded a plane in Liberia while ill with the disease, crossed four countries by air, landed in Lagos, and then collapsed at the airport.

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U.N. Calls Emergency Meeting on West Africa Ebola

Extraordinary, chaotic outbreak requires coordination from international powers, expert says.

In a demonstration of the seriousness of the spreading outbreak of Ebola in West Africa and elsewhere around the world, the U.N. began an emergency meeting in Geneva on Wednesday to study the growing crisis and coordinate world response.

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The roots of our Ebola fears

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa is playing out before the world’s eyes. Each new update about the disease’s spread is breathless; each new detail is related with dramatic flourish.

“Ebola Outbreak Hits Home” reads one headline; “Ebola outbreak is ‘out of control,’ ” says another.

Read more…

Concerned about Ebola? You’re worrying about the wrong disease

Despite the terrifying headlines, almost none of us will get sick from Ebola – our fears often bear little relation to reality.

A deadly disease is set to hit the shores of the US, UK and much of the rest of the northern hemisphere in the coming months. It will swamp our hospitals, lay millions low and by this time next year between 250,000 and 500,000 worldwide will be dead, thousands of them in the US and Britain.

Read more…

CDC issues highest-level alert for Ebola

Since it was detected in March, the number of suspected and confirmed cases attributed to Ebola in the West African nations of Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria stands at 1,711, including 932 deaths.

Read more…

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